Recruitment is not always the answer when the outcome you’re looking for is a more effective leadership team.

If one member of your leadership team is not performing well, should he or she be sacked and replaced?

Or might you be trying to fix the wrong problem with the wrong solution? 

A hire and fire approach, with all the associated delays and disruption, will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s money wasted if the next person is just as likely to fail because the issue actually lies in the wider group.

We use assessment, analysis and coaching to set your team for success. 

If you have a group of exceptional individuals who perform poorly as a team, we can use established tools to explore the team dynamics to uncover what’s going wrong. Then we coach the​ leaders individually and collectively to take the team to the next level of effectiveness.  

We define the business results required with you and then report back on progress towards those goals.

You can typically expect significant measurable improvements within three months; far quicker than searching for a replacement. 

Contact Cygnet to find out how we can take your site leadership team to the next level. ​

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Over the six months the selected leaders worked with Cygnet we saw amazing growth in all members of our team.

Meetings became more productive, deliverables were achieved, proactivity and innovation were discussed, we turned a group of high-performing individual professionals to a high-performing team.

There is always the question of ‘how much value does a leadership programme add?’. We are still calculating this, however in operational improvements alone we estimate a return of 20-times that of the cost of the training in this financial year.

Craig Fawcett, 
General Manager

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