You know that high turnover of site-based leadership is a business risk for all mines.

You expect any search and selection partner to be able to fill your leadership gaps quickly.

And you know there are many providers who can find someone for you.

But will they always find the right someone?

Hiring the wrong person into your leadership team can have a long-term and deeply damaging impact on your operation and the performance of others, with the associated costs escalating into five or six figures.

Cygnet consultants are experts in professional search and selection of leaders for mining projects and operations. We focus our daily efforts on getting to know and understand the individuals who can make the difference to your business.

And when you want additional reassurance, we provide an added layer of assessment that guarantees you get the result you want.

Which means we can connect you rapidly with the right person to achieve your strategic goals.  

You’ll find our approach effective, refreshing and responsive.

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