We provide one-to-one coaching to new members of your team, helping them get up-to-speed and make a difference for your business as quickly as possible. We’ll also build the capability of managers who have the potential to be your future leaders enabling them to add more value to your projects.

Coaching changes people’s perceptions of their own capabilities and stretches them to work outside their comfort zones. It enables individuals to tap into latent skills, taking on tasks they might have previously avoided due to a lack of self-belief or a mistaken perspective of the challenges at hand.

The business benefits from a competent individual developing into an effective leader who can make a tangible improvement to the business’s results.

Programmes typically last six to nine months. The approach used varies from person to person, but typical coaching tools include:

  • Managing your emotions and behaviours
  • Linking personal actions to financial results
  • Team dynamics
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Influencing skills
  • Coaching and delegating responsibilities
  • Peer-to-peer management
  • Managing the boss
  • Effective meeting management

Our coaching programmes focus on business performance and the achievement of targets agreed with the sponsoring organisation in advance.

Clients typically report experiencing measurable improvements in performance within three months, and a positive return on investment within the nine months duration of a normal programme.

We can deliver coaching programmes face-to-face or using any of the major videoconferencing platforms.

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