Swann Group’s John Murray joins Lucy Crane at the CMA G7 Event

On 11 June, Swann Group founder, John Murray, spoke at an event organised by the Critical Minerals Association at Cornwall House, Falmouth, Cornwall, coinciding with the G7 Summit. 

You can watch a video of the event here. 

The CMA’s Jeff Townsend chaired the event which also featured Lucy Crane, Co-Chair of CMA Perception of Mining Group, Senior Geologist at Cornish Lithium.

The speakers particularly focused on the role mining will play in delivering the green industrial revolution. John added his thoughts on six key challenges facing the industry and mining’s relationship with society.

These challenges will be discussed in a series of blogs in the near future. 

“We have to understand that mining underpins the infrastructure of our society. Everything that people use, consume, is mined or extracted. Yet this fundamental fact, familiar to anyone in mining, is not understood by a whole generation who are being persuaded by negative social media and NGO campaigns that mining is bad, carbon-intensive, dirty and often socially irresponsible.” 

John Murray, Swann Group